Some common symptoms of valves failure are leakages when closed and erratic operational behaviour. These indications if unattended can lead to performance loss and operational breakdown.

Internal corrosion/erosion, build-up of deposits, rusting stem threads, hardening of packing, damage to o-rings and seat materials are just some of the factors that can impair your flow control system.

General Scope-of-work
• Assembly & disassembly
• Degreasing & pre-inspection
• Thermal spray coating
• PTA welding
• Electro-less nickel plating
• CNC machining & turning
• Crack repair via metal stitching
• Manufacturing of spare-parts

• Cold build-up & painting
• Grit blasting
• Ball valve lapping & finishing
• Consumables replacement
• Non-destructive tests for coatings thickness, material
integrity, dimensions, pressured leakages & etc.
• Corrosion inhibition & packaging

With Frontken's proven expertise in servicing large critical equipments via comprehensive processes and machinery capabilities, you can count on us for regular servicing and emergency overhaul or repair of your valve systems.