Comprehensive Processes & Materials Applied via Robotics and Automation Aided Coating Systems.

• Surface rebuiding
• Protection against mechanical wear/tear
• Corrosion prevention
• Thermal/Electrical resistance

Thermal Spray Coating is the R&D focus and key technology of Frontken's Surface Metamorphosis Technology philosophy.

We are the market leader in provision of Thermal Spray Coatings services in the South-East-Asia region, offering the most comprehensive range of coating processes and capabilities customizable for your applications.

Frontken's coating services allow maximum cost-effectiveness, improving the value and in-service performance of your components and equipment through upgrading and life extension capabilities.

We can provide technical consultation for recommendation of material + process combinations, allowing deposition of virtually any type of materials such as Metals, Alloys, Ceramics, Cermets, Polymers, Composites or graded materials for your repair, maintenance & upgrade requirements.

Functions & Benefits
Thermal Spray Coatings can be applied for the most common function of worn surface reclamation, wear resistance or corrosion prevention. It can also reduce frictional energy losses, act as a diffusion barrier, thermal insulation and electrical insulation among countless other purposes.

General TSC Coating Materials
Thermal spray coatings have been and are used in a very broad range of applications. The main advantage being that thermal spray coating can provide the surface properties for specific requirements.

General TSC Coating Materials
• Pure Metals: Al, Zinc, Mo, Ti . .
• Carbides: WC/Co & Cr3C2-NiCr
• Ceramic: Al2O3, ZrO2, Cr2O3, TiO2, YSZ
• Alloys: MCrAlY, NiAl, NiCr, Stellite . .
• Fused self fluxing alloys (NiCrSiB)
• Application customized composites and more
Process Capabilities:
• Plasma
• Electric Twin Arc
• Flame Wire
• Flame Rod (Ceramic)
• Flame Powder
• Self-Flux Alloy (Fusion)

Application Examples:

Piston Rods, Pipe Spools, Valves, Pulleys & Guides, Rolls, Rotor Shafts, Pump Casings, Crankshaft Journals, Plunger, Screw Shaft, Pressure Vessel, Turbine Casing, Flame Tubes, Transition Piece and many more.

Why Frontken for your TSC applications?
• We operate the largest and most comprehensive TSC facilities in the region
• Supported by in-house Research & Development specialists and facilities
• Multiple-axes robotic arms and automation systems
• Atmosphere-controlled process chambers
• In-house post-TSC processes such as welding, machining, fabrication
  heat treatment and others.
• On-Site Anti-Corrosion TSC Capabilities