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Frontken provides upgrade, maintenance, repair and overhaul services on stationary / rotating equipments and its components. For over 10 years, we have been delivering high quality packaged mechanical solutions for pumps, valves, turbines, compressors, vanes & blades, generators and more; entrusted to us by our customers for reliability and peace of mind.

Common problems include internal corrosion/erosion, build-up of deposits, rusting stem threads, hardening of packing, damage to o-rings and seat materials.
Frontken's integrated solution for Pumps includes upgrading, repair and overhaul services.
Turbines & Compressors
Elliott Ebara Singapore and Frontken Singapore have teamed up as your local service provider leveraging on our combined resources and capabilities.

Steel Rolls
Steel roll maintenance is critical for facilities in printing, paper, textile steel industry and more. Periodic maintenance adds years to service life, reduces cost of repairs and minimize the need for replacement.

Generators, Transformers
& Motors

Roughness Control, surface texturing and Coating Preparation
Diesel Engines
Frontken's integrated solution for Marine Engines include assessment, machining & repair services.
Boiler Tubes
Tubing & Panel Components of utility and industrial boilers are generally constructed of steel and are cyclically heated to convert water within the boiler to generate steam.


Frontken offers Total Integrated Engineering Solutions for refurbishment, maintenance & overhauling of equipment and its components in vast range of engineering industries, bringing together many areas of industrial expertise.


Frontken's Surface Metamorphosis Technology modifies and creates new surface materials with improved performance and unique properties for equipments to unlock great potentials, increase the efficiency of many processes which in turn reduces operational & maintenance cost of production. Complementing our core technologies are mechanical repair, overhaul and manufacturing capabilities that allows us to provide comprehensive one-stop solution for your requirements.

Thermal Spray Coating
Robotics and Automation Aided Processes: Plasma, HVOF, Electric Twin Arc, Flame Wire, Flame Powder, Flame Rod (Ceramic) and Self-Flux Alloy (Fusion).

Cold Build Up Coating
Spray & brush applied composite paints (Metal / Ceramic / Epoxy), Xylan, Molykote and Slurry.
Plating & Conversion Coating
Selective Brush Plating, Silver Plating, Electroless Nickel Plating and Zinc / Manganese Phosphating..
Specialized Welding
Plasma Transferred Arc and others such as TIG, MIG, Arc, Micro-resistance and Powder Welding

Precision Cleaning
Decontamination of newly manufactured parts, routine recycling and kit management of semiconductor manufacturing equipments.
Abrasive Blasting
Roughness Control, surface texturing and Coating Preparation
Machining & Grinding
Conventional / CNC Turning, Milling, Horizontal Boring, Line Boring, Large Capacity Vertical Boring, Small / Large Capacity Cylindrical and Crankshaft Grinding.
Precision Manufacturing
Quality fabrication and mass-production via Aerospace standard manufacturing facility. Complementary activities include re-engineering, prototyping, assembly and integration.

Mechanical Fitting & Assembly
Expert handling, assessment, fitting & assembly works on wide-range of industrial equipments.
Dynamic Balancing
Troubleshooting & correction of unbalanced rotating equipments of up to 22 tonnes
Heat Treatment
On-Site Large Capacity Heat Treatment for stress relieving of welded component
In-situ Machining
On-site field machining services by qualified mobile team and equipment. Capabilities include in-line boring, facing, milling, drilling and more.

Metal Stitching
Cold-repair of cracked/ fractured metal castings with on-site capability
Laser Alignment
Inaccuracy detection, measurement and correction of flatness, straightness, bore-alignment and more
Plant Engineering & Construction
Structural, mechanical and piping, electrical, instrumentation & control, equipment maintenance and overhaul, testing and commissioning for process & chemical facilities.