Pump maintenance is critical for facilities in production. Periodic maintenance adds years to service life, reduces cost of repairs and minimize the need for replacement. It also ensures that your equipment operates properly, preventing loss of efficiency and avoid breakdowns.

Some common symptoms of impending pumps failure include vibrations, loss in efficiency and seizure. These indications if unattended can lead to performance loss and operational breakdown.

Service Range: Pump Restoration & Overhaul

• Assembly and Disassembly
• Degreasing and Pre-inspection
• Thermal Spray Coating
• PTA welding
• Electro-less Nickel Plating
• CNC machining and turning
Crack repair via metal-stitching
• Manufacturing of spare parts
• Cold build-up coatings and painting

• Rotor dynamic balancing
• Electro-less nickel plating
• Mechanical seal leak test
• Consumables replacement
• Non-destructive tests for coating thickness, material integrity, dimensions, leakages and etc.
• Assembly leak tests

Internal corrosion/erosion, build-up of deposits, wear on shafts, journals, impeller wear rings as well as failure of components such as bearings and mechanical seals are just some of the factors that can lead to impairment of your flow control system.

With Frontken's proven expertise in servicing large critical equipments via comprehensive processes and machinery capabilities, you can count on us for regular servicing and emergency overhaul or repair of your pumps.