Cold-repair of cracked/fractured metal castings with on-site capability.

Frontken provides specialized on-site engineering services for the marine, offshore, oil & gas, power generation, pharmaceutical, dredging, construction, industrial plant, mining and water reclamation industries. We help customers to facilitate maintenance, repairs or modification operations on-site or in-house. Apart from providing quality work, we take utmost care in ensuring our jobs are done efficiently and on-time to comply with project/shut-down schedules, potentially saving your business enormous costs & maintenance hours while improving productivity.

With a multi-disciplined field team, we can carry out different services under a single contract. We are available and at your service around the clock and our on-site team can be dispatched to any locations around the world on short notice. Our response to your request is further enhanced by access to our permanently established facilities located throughout the region.

Specializing in cold repairing of cracks and fractured castings, we utilize state-of-the-art metal stitching system and products from Lock-N-Stitch to provide stronger and lasting metal stitching repairs. Proven by pressure & load tests, It is the 'cold' method of repairing cracks in cast metals without welding and is a valuable alternative to avoid difficulties encountered in welding. We do not lock metals together, we stitch them!