High Precision Lathes and Fully Equipped Facilities Ideal for Servicing of Cylindrical Rotors, Crankshafts, Rolls and More. Our comprehensive range of mechanical equipment and facilities allow us to undertake machining operations of regular and large sizes.

• Small/Large Capacity Cylindrical
• Components & Crankshaft Grinding
• CNC & Conventional Turning
• Milling & Others.
• Precision Turning (up to Ø2m x L10m x <10μm)
• Cylindrical & Crankshaft Grinding (up to Ø 1.4m x L 6.5m)
• Horizontal Boring (up to Ø 1.5m x L 1.6m)
• Vertical Boring (up to Ø 5m x H 2.8m)

Small/Large Capacity Cylindrical, Components & Crankshaft Grinding, CNC & Conventional Turning, Milling & Others.