Spray & brush applied composite paints (Metal / Ceramic / Epoxy), Xylan, Molykote and Slurry.

Frontken Composite Coating
Frontken's ceramic composite coating offers wear & corrosion protection in seawater, freshwater or chemical environment for your pumps, machines & industrial structures & plants. Key benefits of application to pumps are improved efficiency, lesser downtimes and reduced maintenance over the long run. In addition to offering cost-saving life extensions, Frontken composite coating also complements our core technology via application as finishing layer on HVOF Coatings for long term protection.

Dry Film Lubricants Coating
Mokykote & Xylan Coating.
Slurry Coating Functions:
Protection against corrosion, Anti-folding

Coating System:
• Metallic blast coat
• Organic Sealer
• Organic (PTFE) Top Coat

Main Application:
• Stationary & rotating turbo compressor parts
• Compressors vanes & Blades
• Diaphragms
• Guide vanes
• Rotors
• Impellers
• Shrouds