Tubing & panel components of utility and industrial boilers are generally constructed of steel and are cyclically heated to convert water within the boiler to generate steam. In the case of power generating plants, this steam is used to generate electricity and hence it is important to ensure that the boiler tube & panel components can last longer to avoid frequent breakdown & maintenance.

Corrosion resistant coatings applied via thermal spray are a more viable solution than costly and major replacement of corroded boiler tubes & panel components. It also requires less time to apply, offering direct savings in replacement costs and operational downtime.

General Servicable areas:

• Combustion Chamber Waterwalls
• Primary & Secondary Superheater
• Economiser

• Amine Contactors
• Reheater
• Superheater Soot Blowers

• Combustion Chamber Soot Blowers
• Furnace Walls
•Protection Walls

Our track record over the past decade demonstrates that TSC is a good restoration process with low failure rate when applied by our qualified and specialized operators. Frontken surface engineering specialist can be assigned to site for assessment prior to recommending suitable material to offer optimum protection. Our laboratory and site testing capabilities also help to ensure that we deliver consistent high quality coatings on-site.